Frequently Asked Questions


At Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home, providing outstanding service is our top priority, and we’re glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Q: We don’t have a lot of money. Does Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home offer any assistance or have a program for families who are low-income?

A: Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home does not have a formal assistance program for low-income families. We make every effort to provide a wide variety of options at very affordable prices. You may, however, contact us to meet with one of our Memorial Counselors to discuss your special circumstances for further consideration.


Q: We need to make arrangements for a baby. How much is a funeral for a baby?

A: Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home gives special consideration to families who have lost an infant less than one year of age. We provide an infant burial space (including endowed care fee), which includes an outer burial container that surrounds the casket (required) for a modest cost. As a courtesy, we will provide free labor to open and close this grave (weekdays only, holidays not included). We can also provide special funeral service prices for infants which includes a casket and just the level of service you request.


Q: Do you have a Veterans section and what benefits are we entitled to? (Before Need and At Need)

A: Guam Memorial Park has provided cemetery property to eligible veterans. Please refer to our Veterans Service section.


Q: Does Guam Memorial Park have an Asian section? Catholic section? Protestant section? Jewish section? Hindu section? Muslim section?

A: Guam Memorial Park offers the Confucius Garden for Asian faiths. Guam Memorial Park welcomes all faiths and religions. Your Memorial Counselor can assist you in arranging a funeral ceremony that honors your affiliation. Likewise, we will also assist you in arranging a ceremony that is right for you – regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation.


Q: We have a family member buried there. Can we just open the space and put another person’s cremated remains at the foot of that grave?

A: Guam Memorial Park has sections that can accommodate two persons for interment, regardless of whether the remains are cremated or not. Three persons, however, cannot be placed in a regular interment space designed to accommodate only two persons even if the third person’s remains were cremated. Please contact us at (671) 734-9835 if you would like to confirm the capacity of your cemetery property.


Q: Does Guam Memorial Park allow granite or marble memorial markers (tablets)?

A: Guam Memorial Park requires flat bronze markers (tablets). Please contact us at (671) 734-9835 to order a memorial marker and to obtain specifications and pricing.


Q: Can I get a memorial marker (tablet) somewhere else?

A: Yes, but it must meet Guam Memorial Park’s specifications. Please contact us at (671) 734-9835 to obtain the required specifications for a bronze memorial marker (tablet) on your interment property.


Q: How can I make arrangements for my spouse and myself beforehand?

A: Simply contact us at (671) 734-9835 or click here. Our staff will make arrangements for you to meet with one of our representatives to pre-plan your arrangements.


Q: Our relative passed away and we want to send him / her to another island, state or country. Do you do that? How much does it cost? How do we arrange it?

A: Guam Memorial Funeral Home can make arrangements to transport your loved one to anywhere in the United States or most countries worldwide. Your Memorial Counselor and our experienced staff will make all of the necessary arrangements for transport. We will process all of the necessary documentation required by the Consulate of your specific country. The cost of transporting will vary depending upon the destination, Consulate, and airline requirements. Please contact us at (671) 734-9835 for further information on your specific transportation needs.


Q: Our relatives own property at Guam Memorial Park, but passed away in another state or country. How do we get them to you for burial?

A: Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home can simplify the process for you by overseeing all of the transportation arrangements for the transfer of your loved one from another state or country to us for funeral services and burial. You will need to contact a local funeral home to provide you with the mortuary services that you will need. Your funeral home will then make arrangements to transport your loved one to Guam Memorial Funeral Home. Simply contact us at (671) 734-9835, and we will arrange for you to meet with one of our Memorial Counselors either by phone or in-person to make the arrangements.