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Nestled in the sloping valleys of Leyang – Barrigada, in central Guam, is Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home. Guam Memorial Park offers a complete range of funeral services, including a mortuary, mausoleum and cremation services. The type of comprehensive funeral service that Guam Memorial Park & Funeral Home offers at a single, beautiful location reflects the dedicated efforts of its employees.

What began as a vision over 35 years ago has become a tradition for thousands of families on Guam. Robert Eugene Simpkins, Sr. brought to Guam the concept of pre-planning one’s funeral to spare your family from making emotional decisions – decisions that may not be consistent with your own wishes.

Much of the land purchased for the memorial park consisted of rugged valleys with steep slopes. In order to move forward, we needed to reshape and contour the terrain into a mostly flat surface. As a result, Guam Memorial Park has beautiful garden lawns and roadways

The memorial park consists of 9 developed acres which includes the Sagrada Familia mausoleum for above ground burials. The first garden, the Garden of Faith, was completed in 1987. Shortly thereafter, the Gardens of Love, Prayer and the Confucius Garden were opened. In recent years, the Garden of Resurrection and the Garden of the Immaculate Concepcion were completed.

Today, Guam Memorial Park, Guam Memorial Life Plan and Guam Memorial Funeral Home have become the cemetery and funeral service provider of choice by families throughout Guam. Our clientele come from all walks of life and all religions. Our well appointed funeral home offers an inspirational chapel, private viewing rooms, courtyard for merienda’s, casket display room, state-of-the-art mortuary facility and ample lighted parking.


Guam Memorial Park Continues To Grow

In keeping up with the needs of our expanding and ever-changing community, Guam Memorial Park has launched an expansion program to develop its land to better serve our clients needs.

Now in its construction phase, the Garden of Reflections, when completed, will include terraced gardens for traditional ground burials, private family estates, private family mausoleums and a reflection pond. In addition, a second roadway will be constructed to allow for easy vehicular access throughout the memorial park.

To meet the growing demand for cremation, the Garden of Reflections will provide families with a selection of urn gardens.