If You Prefer Cremation


Today, some people are choosing cremation rather than traditional interment. If you are considering this option, we want you to know that you still may choose from a large selection of dignified commemorative services.

You may elect to have a funeral or memorial service so family and friends can gather to share their grief and offer comfort. We can make arrangements for a final resting place in our memorial park or one of your choosing, where loved ones may later visit. Or, you can choose to scatter the cremated remains in a location that has special meaning.


We are here to help you in any way possible, we have:

  • Personalized Funeral Services
  • Traditional and Sea Burial
  • Cremation Services
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Floral Arrangement Specialists
  • Ship-In / Ship-Out
  • Mainland, Pacific Island & International Funeral Arrangement Assistance