What began as a vision over 40 years ago has become a tradition for thousands of families on Guam.

Robert Eugene Simpkins, Sr. brought to Guam the concept of pre-planning one’s funeral to spare your family from making emotional decisions – decisions that may not be consistent with your own wishes.


Memorial Property Types


At Guam Memorial Park, we provide many options for memorial properties. Here is a complete list of the types we offer.

  • Regular Ground
  • Lawn Crypt
  • Mausoleum
  • Niche
  • Cremation Garden
  • Scattering Garden
  • Pre-Need Planning
  • Substantial Savings
  • Personalized Service

Regular Ground

Regular ground interment is often the “top of mind” image of cemeteries. The area is covered with grass, with flush bronze markers. An outer burial container that surrounds the casket, sometimes call a “grave liner”, is required for ground burial to prevent ground subsidence.


Lawn Crypt

On the surface, lawn crypt areas are similar in appearance to regular ground burial areas. Each lawn crypt, however, includes a concrete structure below the ground, so that no outer burial container is used. The concrete structure provides the support necessary to prevent ground subsidence.



Mausoleums provide an above ground interment choice. Our mausoleum crypts are concrete structures, typically with granite or marble facings. Within our Sagrada Familia Mausoleum, we offer crypts for full casket and niches for cremation urn entombment.



Similar to a crypt, but much smaller, a niche is a concrete structure designed to hold a cremation urn. Our niches are typically constructed along a wall, with the height varying by location, faced with marble or granite.


Cremation Garden

Our cremation garden (currently under development) will be designed to provide a peaceful, natural setting, evoking the feeling of a park. Interments will be in simulated rocks, or within granite faced niches.


Scattering Garden

For those who prefer, our scattering garden is designed to provide a restful and serene setting to scatter cremated remains on the earth’s surface. As time passes, the cremated remains are environmentally absorbed into the soil. As a remembrance, a small bronze scroll piece with the individuals' name engraved may be placed on the scattering garden memorial wall.


Pre-Need Planning

When a loved one passes away, a multitude of important and permanent decisions must be made within a few hours. The statement we frequently hear from survivors is, “I have no idea what they would have wanted or what I can afford.” Important decisions about final arrangements are better made far in advance of need, in an atmosphere of quiet consultation.

Pre-need planning eliminates confusion, uncertainty and unnecessary expense for the person who must make final arrangements. It’s a very special gift you can leave to loved ones who want to honor your passing. Pre-need planning is also an opportunity for you to ensure that all of the arrangements will meet your wishes.

When the need arises, a single phone call by your pre-designated family member will set the process in motion. We will make certain that all funeral and cemetery arrangements are in accordance with your personal preferences.


Substantial Savings

Pre-planning also provides financial benefit. At Guam Memorial Park, we offer pre-need discounts on graves, burial vaults, mausoleum crypts and niches, and markers.


Personalized Service

At Guam Memorial Park, you will meet with one of our Family Advisors who will help you in every phase of planning. Your advisor will discuss the various burial, entombment and cremation options so that you can make an educated choice. Your advisor will also discuss with you the many special details that are so important. Family Advisors are available to meet with you at our offices or in the comfort of your home at a time and day most convenient for you.

As part of the process, you will receive a complimentary copy of our Family Estate Portfolio. This helpful booklet provides a place to record important family information so that it is readily available when affairs must be put in order and the estate settled.