Our Message to YOU, Guam

For Medical & Health Workers


In observance of the Governors Executive Orders to help migrate the spread of Covid 19, the following policies are provided regarding funeral services, viewing in the chapel and courtyard services:

No more than (10) people in our chapel at any time. Attendees must wear masks. Hand sanitizers are mounted throughout the facility and gloves are recommended. Everyone must practice social distancing in accordance with Public Health guidelines.

We are providing our customers with wireless Wi-fi network, tripod, and power bank to utilize within our chapel for live streaming using their smartphone devices. (This can be accomplished by using Facebook Live, Zoom, Facetime or ect. accounts.)

Families who wish to have videos or slideshows played during the funeral services can utilize a Smart TV which will be provided to be able to access your YouTube, Facebook, or etc. accounts. (Videos or slideshows need to be created prior to funeral services.)

Our courtyard services require that all food is sealed in a “grab and go” bag (no exposed foods.) No exposed plastic utensils and napkins (they can be wrapped individually in the "grab and go” bags.)  All drinks must be individual bottled water or canned drinks (no cups allowed.)  Only (1) table will be provided in the courtyard. Chairs are provided and social distancing is observed. Please practice safe personal hygiene.

We are deeply committed to the health and well-being of our community, our guests, and our associates. We  appreciate your understanding in following these guidelines.

Thank you,

Staff and Management, Guam Memorial Park