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Guam Memorial Life Plan

Why should I consider buying a funeral plan “before need”?

Life PlanYour right! No one likes to think of their own mortality. No one likes to think of paying for their funeral while living a joyful life. However, think of the burden you could be placing upon family members if something unexpected happened to you today. When we think of being a potential burden and a hardship to our family, it changes our perspective.



Life PlanGuam Memorial Life Plan has been helping Guam’s families with their funeral arrangements for more that 35 years. Each month, more than one hundred new families take the time to plan their future with us. They provide us with vital information that will be essential at the time of death, thereby relieving the burden otherwise placed into the hands of loved ones. In turn, they receive all the information needed to make the right funeral decisions now. All information is FREE and without any cost or obligation.

The Belvedere Service

Guam Memorial Life Plan offers you The Belvedere Service for just $1 a day; this includes the memorial casket and 23 other funeral items.